Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey…I'm back…surprising, given the fact that it has barely been a week since my last post and of late people have been thankful that I haven't bugged them more than once a month…with all due apologies to break their hope and trust :)
Here I'm sitting, in one of d beyond counts number of chairs in the RBI office…somehow my department also happens to be one with most of the covered space, least of work (at least I feel so) and of prime concern to the bank (it handles the main core function of RBI, and also something we all love…money honey :P )

And after proving how good student I am in college (mmm last instance was in October last year when I was attending classes with a cool 103+ temperature, and I still wonder whether it was the good student in me, or some attendance maniac hidden in me which made me carry that stupid stint), here I am with a bad throat infection, a nose that's running faster than most of the municipality taps, some body aches (I can't count where all are they present) and with a doubt that I might be having fever too (I guess my intuition had told me I'm goin to fall ill in Kanpur…why else would I have packed all vicks balm, tablets, thermometer and combiflams while coming here). And yeah, I did notice something new today…took out the thermometer to measure the temperature n noticed that its mercury is giving a reading of 104 even before I've placed it in my mouth…such is the furnace named Kanpur…so yeah I did measure the temperature…but I can't trust the figures it showed me…even thermometers fail in Kanpur :(

And sitting here, hardly being able to concentrate on my 49 pages long report, forget editing and refining it, my useless mind has started a thought process of its own…who says its drugs or liquor and stuffs like that which are addictive, I guess most addictive is life in itself…no matter how much we crib and complain (I'm an epitome for it) we still do our best to live…none of us has the courage (or as people says lack of courage) to let go of life…proof, I'm now a little like a medicine shop…popping something or the other in hope of getting relief no matter how tiny miny n for how short period of time…

Am I any different from the rest…I doubt so…one can be pessimistic (as I am thought of) or one can be optimistic (I believe they are illusionist whereas I'm realist) but then the underlying fact remains, there happens to be no one who doesn't wish to love ( I know of suicide cases, n somehow I think it needs lot of courage contrary to popular belief that those who commit suicide are losers, but then again isn't suicide a moment of weakness or strength, looking at the same repeated way of people killing themselves, with hardly any cases of being innovative, doesn't it make u wonder, its an act of the moment…suddenly u want to break free n u take the simplest, easiest and the best mean available…no one thinks a lot before committing it I guess…n those who think are never able to do it :D you again know of examples :P )

So isn't life something like a drug…we know its going to hurt us at sometime or other, we know of the side effects of life…a joy at times, a real pain at others…and still we strive to live…we strive to make life better, do anything and everything possible to land up in best of health, economy, social circle…like a addict would do anything to get just another packet of his/her drug…and even when life happens to be the biggest drug of all…we all promote it…isn't that an irony…to me it at least is…why is like most of the drugs that life isn't banned?? The most obvious answer I can think of is simple…..unlike other drugs, for which there are people who genuinely condemn it, stay away from them, life happens to be one addiction that's spread all over the human race ( in fact all over the living beings, they all battle to survive, ask the plant who inches towards the sunlight, or the animals who kill other animals to survive…) And yeah…if u find yourself reading this crap, don't b too angry on me…rather just pray for this little, sweet, cute, angelic, innocent and lots of other cool adjective gals and ignore her mistake thinking that the first thing that gets affected when you have a fever (yup just checked…even in the central AC building its reading around 100) is the brain…so as it is, I've a lil of brain, and I'm putting up a lot of load on it…rest you all better understand…

Hope that all of you are perfectly fit and fine, and I find at least one volunteer who is ready to take my ailment ( as di said I'm a caring maasi, taking it from my 5 month old niece), the volunteers are eagerly awaited…take care…keep smiling, till you get ill :P