Monday, February 6, 2012

It's First Love...Just like last one, by Sachin Garg

Before I get lost in the maddening office hours...or more likely the spiral web of laziness, I better get done with the review of the book...this book, definitely has the sequel, one turning up in another two weeks or so...

I was impressed by the way Sachin wrote the earlier novel, in fact I was way more than much that I ended up doing something crazy (which only very few know ;) yeah yeah I am back to emoticons too :D ) So this book was picked up with lots of expectations...and yeah, expectations kill a lot of fun, so maybe it wasn't the writer's fault that I really didn't get that engrossed in this one...

Indeed, the novel had it's share of high points, points which hold you to it, tempts you to turn few pages and peek where the part is it ends...but then, it's a love story...and yeah it has it's own shocking and not so shocking turns (I still believe there ought to be some not-so-complex-with-never-ending-angles love story...there should be a love story where the guy loves the gal, the gal loves the guy, and there is just no one else in between...not even fate/ non-complex, happy ending is all I wish for) But well, this one isn't fact, there would come a point when you would feel like shouting...

"Goodness, what are you really up to...if you can go to such extremes without being serious about one another, I am just wondering what would you have done in a relationship where you would have been serious since the beginning...."

I guess, I am not good with the taking it light love stories...and I am seriously not good with the stories where one of the main character is all too good (specially when it's a guy...*deep sincere apologies for the gender bias* but that's what it is....) and I am even worse with the stories, where the author goes on the I always did right mode (I mean even the writer is human...he can be wrong, in fact he must be least somewhere, aren't we all...for sure I I can't really take an out an out good character!! )

Thankfully though, this one still didn't come to the extreme self-centric level like another recent one I had I still have the hope alive (and very much kicking, for I actually have ordered the next by the author..) In fact, there were a lot of characters in the novel (thankfully), though a lot of them just came or went away abruptly (not so thankfully)

All in all, a decent one...had I not read the previous one by Sachin, and not set expectations, I sure would have liked it way more...A 3/5 from me (not as if I am a real critic...and definitely fingers crossed for next one..)

PS: The editing of the novel should be a little better...that's one issue I always had with the Indian while reading it, I could easily pick a few grammatical and logical errors...and I actually was surprised at myself..generally I read a novel so quick that I do tend to ignore the mistakes...this one had a couple of very evident ones...


  1. Editing is a major issues with all small time Indian publishers (dunno which one has published this).

    Looks like a TP read :D
    How have u been?

  2. Hey Smita...sorry for responding so late, yet again...I still am not well with this professional life :P

    Regarding editing, I finally found one Indian novel which would ensure that I never crib about any other book's's utter crap..still haven't been able to bring myself to finish's a punishment on second thoughts, the formatting and editing of this novel, has been way too good and awesome :P

    How's life your's always so lovely to read about the kiddo's acts.. :)