Sunday, July 3, 2011

June it was...July it is....

It has been a long time...since I spoke up...naah...since I have cribbed...over the blog at least...I mean, come on! about a month or so since I showed myself up...and now I'm this what JOB does to you?? People ask me if I liked Hyderabad...and I am like...oh, isn't it too soon to say...haven't been here for long...if one weekend went in looking out for home (which I sadly never found) another went in shifting places (service apartment came forward to save me!!)...then there was a weekend I spent sleeping around..and another was claimed by the first gal in our gang getting married....and well this weekend, I need an excuse for not exploring this weekend...well, simple...I was busy thinking and plannin for my blog (as if I've ever thought or planned before writing whatever I've wrote till date :P )

A couple of days back a mail dropped in my official inbox (it receives almost 10 mails a day, and I frankly detest opening any of them...why is the frequency of mails in my regular inbox that at least gets the mails I would like to read...) and it was a survey (my company actually believes very strongly in feedback...for every lil thing we do, we insist on feedback...pity, we aren't true in answering most....) and it made me realize that it's a month since I've been working (trust me, the payslip does a better job of reminding you that  you are through with one I wish, salary came in every 15 gives you something to b happy about for a week or at least 2 days :-/ )

So it's a month of working...of staying in the southern region of the country (which i successfully had evaded for 23 yrs of my life :-| ), a month of giving up my sweet schedule of sleeping post 3 (now I find it hard to keep my eyes open past 2 even on weekends X( ), it has been 5 weeks when I've counted the 5 days of the week to pass on quickly (which they never do ) and prayed hard for Sunday night never to come (which always does..who says God hears you always n grants you things you truly wish for... :-S )

And the month....well it was a month of roller coasters (a perfect Gemini Month)...from the absolute highs to the lowest lows...seems like I've been through it all...I found, I lost...and I found to lose again...somewhere the  work is supposed to bring stability in your life, but my search for the same continues...I am supposed to b busy working but still in between all those training n looking at the watch for it to strike six, I happen to find time to think...and thinking, frankly is very dangerous to the peace of mind :) Thankfully June is over...and here is July...the month of Cancers (honestly, I don't have much of an idea about Cancerians...but they have to b simpler than the complex lives of Geminis....) All in all, everything has changed in professional (or rather say impersonal) life...and I've my fingers crossed for the personal one...I need some fresh breeze in there...and well, "Isharon ko agar samjho....Raaz ko Raaz rehne do!!"

This is all the mindless rambling I'll make people suffer for the moment....and well hoping to be back here, sooner...than last time....Have a happy peaceful time!!!

PS: I just got a message saying this July has 5 weekends in it...which makes it have just 20 odd working days...I was about to get happy, but then I realized that I've worked for just one day till now n already used up one weekend...moreover, I've to finally move out from training rooms n hit the workfloor in a while...Who says happiness lasts forever!!!

PPS: Well as in the pic...I'm still waiting for a Miracle...let's see if it happens in July :D and moving ahead to read the info about the link (story) mentioned in the case you've lots of spare time here it goes...just click in once, n maybe I won't b sued for copyright infringement!!! Link: The Miracle in July